Back it on Kickstarter: Fantasy Film Fans, Bloggers, and Critics Give High Fives to ‘Mythica’ Fantasy Films

“Mythica” fantasy film fans around the world are backing the Kickstarter crowd funding for the next film in the series. The “Mythica” fantasy films continue to win new fans, and win over the critics.

Provo, Utah – The next film in the “Mythica” fantasy series from Arrowstorm Entertainment has over 1,000 backers and continues to grow as more and more fantasy fans discover the epic series. Even the bloggers and critics are singing praises.

1157473_582606908487031_2000575594_n“Our Kickstarter crowd funding campaign is gaining success because so many fantasy film fans have seen ‘Mythica: A Quest for Heroes’ and now they want to see ‘Mythica 2: The Dark Spore.’ Our Kickstarter campaign gives our fans the chance to per-purchase a digital copy, DVD, or Blue Ray of the next film in the series and be the first to see the next part of the epic story,” said Jason Faller, Arrowstorm executive producer.

Fantasy film fans can watch Mythica 1 for free at and then pre-purchase Mythica 2 at There are many additional incentives on the site, including executive producers and other credits.

There have been many praises for the fantasy film series. A review in TV Equals said: “And by ‘cool’ I mean an ‘if you considered ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ or ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ awesome then you’re alright by me’ kind of cool. It’s my kind of cool.

“I’m talking ‘Mythica: A Quest for Heroes.’ Arrowstorm Entertainment, purveyors of shoestring-budget fantasy (‘The Christmas Dragon,’ ‘Orc Wars’), may have stumbled onto a veritable treasure trove of talent, and they’re really showing it off with this Mythica trilogy (‘Mythica: The Darkspore’ and ‘Mythica: The Necromancer’ are in post-production and due for future release).”

Blogger Alex Bledsoe says: “Mythica is lush: the interiors bristle with detail, and the lighting makes the most of the atmosphere. The music is suitably exciting. The script, by Jason Faller, director Anne Black, and producer Kynan Griffin, pulls together a rich fantasy world. And the CGI is particularly good for an indie fantasy.”

And The Faith Geek says: “The movie starts well and continues with strong scenes throughout. I didn’t find myself wondering when it was over, but rather, how much more of it did I get to enjoy. The dialogue worked in every scene, nothing felt forced or phoned in. Each actor seemed committed to their role and it showed through in their acting. By the time I was done watching, I was sold on each one of them.”


Roxana Condurache Selected to Play Lauren Bacall in Film Bogie and Bacall

Phoenix, AZ – The greatest challenge for the producer and screenwriter of the film Bogie and Bacall ( is to cast the role of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, the two greatest legends of the Golden Era of Hollywood.


“I am excited, even thrilled to announce that the first half of this legendary couple has been selected. We conducted a world-wide search and found the perfect actress to play Lauren Bacall in Romania – Roxana Condurache,” said Helise Flickstein, screenwriter and producer of Bogie and Bacall.

Lauren Bacall, who was born Betty Joan Perske, mesmerized screen legend Humphrey Bogart the moment he first saw her.

She was only 19, but she had a mature beauty, confidence, wit, talent, and that signature gaze which captured the attention of Bogart. She was every bit a lady. Always well-dressed, with finely tailored clothes that added to her style. Even though Bogie was 25 years her senior, the two were married and had two children. The two were individually legends, and together they were also a legendary Hollywood couple for over 11 years until Bogie died of esophageal cancer.

“Finding an actress with the Lauren Bacall look, style, and ability to act like Bacall took time, but it was worth the effort to search the world for just the right person. Roxana Condurache surpasses my hopes and has the potential to have her own legendary career,” said Flickstein.

Bogart was rarely speechless, but he was in 1944 in To Have and Have Not when Bacall delivered the now classic lines: “You know how to whistle, don’t you Steve? You just put your lips together—and blow.” Condurache has the same mesmerizing quality, and is ideal to play Bacall, according to Flickstein.

The film is a drama that will not only depict the relationship between Bogart and Bacall, it will also include their relationships with icons of the time, including Louella Parsons, Mayo Methot, Michael Romanoff, Truman Capote, as well as Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn, John Huston and others.

“We have every intention of finding the very best actors for every role, and it goes without saying that the production itself will be of the highest quality. We fully expect this film about classic film stars to itself become a classic of the highest caliber,” said Flickstein.

She says the search is on to find the ideal Humphrey Bogart. Bogie and Bacall is scheduled to begin filming in the summer of 2015 and is expected to be released in the fall of 2016.

To Win the War on Terror, the Terrorists Must Live in Fear of Us, NOT the Other Way Around

The attack on 9-11 put the entire nation, and much of the world in shock. The years have gone by and we have been blessed because so many people have worked so hard to prevent another attack, but they have always warned that the time would come – and now it has.

The attack at the Boston Marathon on Patriot’s Day 2013 has put us back into shock. Once again we must face our vulnerability, and face the fact that we will forever be a target. The people who hate us will never go away, and they will not stop hatting us. We cannot change that, and the war on terror is primarily a war of prevention. We need a strong deterrent if we are to stop them.

Once again we find ourselves looking over our shoulder, and becoming suspicious of each other out of the fear that has once again crept into our lives. We will go on with life as usual, but it won’t be the same as it once was. We will go to work, school, sporting events, and other activities with caution and worry. Some may not go to events they would have gone to previously. Now that airlines are so very safe, it is the events of our daily lives that will be primary targets. Continue reading

Easy Weight Loss Plan

Easy Weight Loss

Easy Weight Loss Plan

Here is some info from…

Diet and exercise are recommended for anyone who wants to lose weight, but for most of us that task is sometimes too difficult to achieve. Here are some changes most people can make to their diet that are fairly easy.

Never Eat these Foods

  • Eliminate all sugar beverages, including diet drinks. This includes milk, soy milk, and all fruit juice. Drink only pure water, and make sure you drink at least 64 ounces a day.
  • Eliminate all margarine from your diet. Butter is far better.
  • Do not eat any baked goods such as cake, muffins, pastas, or breads. You can eat whole wheat products that have no preservatives.
  • Do not eat ANY processed foods. If it contains preservatives, don’t eat it.
  • Do not eat ANY foods that contain genetically modified ingredients such as corn or soy.
  • Do not take ANY vitamins that are chemically created (synthetic). Only take vitamins that are made directly from plants. Continue reading

Conservatives and Liberals Need to Compromise to Avoid Financial Abyss

The “fiscal cliff” could easily become the “fiscal abyss” unless serious problems are solved immediately. Conservatives and liberals have made their stand, and both are obviously dedicated to their beliefs, but isn’t it time to come together so the country can heal?

The question was asked during the recent presidential campaign, “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” Conservatives liked to blame liberals, and more specifically the policies of President Obama for the demise of the economy and the American standard of living.

However, much of the blame may very well be the unwillingness of both conservatives and liberals to compromise and come together on some middle ground for the good of the country. The question might be asked, “If conservatives and liberals were willing to compromise four years ago on fiscal issues, would the country be better off today than it is now?” Continue reading

The Fiscal Cliff is a Problem Created by Both Republicans and Democrats

Our elected officials have not done their job, which is to come up with a budget for our country. The result is that we have a fiscal crisis because they have failed to work together and accomplish the task the Constitution mandates.

Congress under both Bush and Obama could not agree on anything, so they set up temporary solutions to budget problems. Those solutions are about to expire. That means “we the people” will suffer for their failure to come up with a budget, which is their duty under the Constitution.

The bottom line is that Congress has failed us. That includes Republicans and Democrats in both the House and the Senate. Now the problem they created is about to hit, big time. Continue reading

Boys are Safer in Boy Scout Events than at Home or in School

I believe that a Boy Scout is safer while participating in Scouting events and activities, including summer camp than he is at home or in school.

I have been registered as a Boy Scout or as a Scout leader for over 38 years (not all consecutively), and I have served as the Health and Safety Officer of a Boy Scout summer camp, and will do so again next summer. I have seen the program in action, participated in the training, and have had all my four kids participate in the program.

In 2010 a major lawsuit was settled against the Boy Scouts of America for $20 million because of abuse charges from the past. The uproar has been revived now that the private documents about thousands of cases in that law suit have been made public.

The abuse, which took place from 1959 to 1985, and the way the BSA handled it at the time cannot be defended. However the way the BSA has protected Scouts in the past 20 years is a model that all youth organizations should copy. Continue reading